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Does having ownership and returns in a fast growing, significant innovative
technology and energy company sound interesting?
We think so too.

The team at H2 First Fuels are always keen to discuss our business with like minded people, companies, and funds,

who want to maximise their investment capital and be a key part of realising an important green future.

H2 First Fuels business models and projects have significant returns to drive investor value.

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We'll look forward to talking to you in confidence.

become a commercial partner

H2 First Fuels is currently forming commercial and collaborative relationships with energy
and industrial hydrogen industry, distribution partners, and government with an aim to
establish the benchmark for future hydrogen economics today.

H2 First Fuels clean energy projects are being established around the world.

We are seeking existing energy providers to form alliances with to advance their own clean energy strategies and targets.

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Industrial Partners

H2 First Fuels have collaborations in place and are now working with some of the world's biggest industrial equipment providers to realize our vision for the clean energy future we all need.

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Hydrogen Fuel

H2 First Fuels is on track to have a number of facilities in operation throughout Europe, and beyond, to be the principal supplier

of sustainable hydrogen for all forms of hydrogen powered transport from road to rail, marine and aviation and to

service the hundreds of hydrogen refuelling stations governments and commercial operators have planned over the next years.


H2 First Fuels distribution partners can provide hydrogen to retail at a far lower cost than current market price,

creating value through the entire distribution chain.


To talk to us about becoming a fuel or distribution partner please email: