Emission Free Methane



H2 First Fuels can supply purpose built pure methane (CH4) production plants that take carbon based feedstock and process this to produce zero impurity methane.

These facilities have none of the production, emission, cleaning, or cost issues that current Natural Gas production methods suffer.

One small facility processing 10 tons of coal per hour is capable of producing approximately 125 tons of methane fuel every 24 hours. That’s 184,647 cubic metres per day.

Our process does not incinerate the feedstock to create the gases, we produce ZERO emissions.

CO2 is captured as a highly purified product and used completely in the process to create the methane.

The facility runs as a continuous 24 hour, 7 days a week operation as required, with a premium quality methane product output.

Methane Production Process

Once the feedstock is gasified, all gases are fed into a Sabatier tower where the hydrogen, carbon dioxide, and carbon monoxide (minute amount) are recombined over nickel catalysts to form the methane, combining with the methane from the gasification process for the finished product.

Water is created as a by-product and is fed back into the production plant as part of a recirculation loop, keeping the water requirements to an absolute minimum, with zero environmental discharge.

When compared to standard Natural Gas production, other inherent gases such as ethane, propane, butane, pentane, nitrogen, helium, and hydrogen sulphide are not present with our process, and so a significant processing cost has been removed in order to enable the end product to be ready for transport.

End product can exit the facility at pressures up to 35MPa if required without any compression equipment and cost needing to be added.


Zero emissions methane production
Zero impurity product - no extra processing required. Methane quality is always premium
Significantly cheaper production model than standard Natural Gas
Continuous process methane supply, operates 24/7
System is modular for scale-up production increases
Low grade, low value feedstocks can be used, and feedstock does not need drying first
Minimal site footprint, short installation time
Can be commissioned in locations of water scarcity
Solids are removed for building materials and other industry
Excess high purity hydrogen can be made at the same time for further revenue
Economics for LNG production are greatly improved
H2 First Fuels Zero emission Methane plant detail